Neon Signs for Home

Make any room in your house glow with a custom LED neon light. Our vast collection of unique and creative illuminated wall art can suit any taste, style, or interest. This type of safe and easy to use novelty lighting brings a spark of interest to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more. Each piece is custom-made to exacting specifications with strong plastic tubing that will not break like traditional glass, easy hanging tabs on the back, and long-lasting LED light bulbs to provide an amazing glow.

Explore all the possibilities for at-home room decor. These neon word and image signs come in a huge range of shapes and colors perfect for your house. Hanging up these bright lights is simple. Each one is mounted on a transparent acrylic backboard with built-in tabs or holes for attaching them to your walls. All you need to do is find the perfect position and plug it in to get perfect static wall art design you have always dreamed of.

Our selection of premade neon wall art includes everything from science specific to cities and states around the world and across the country to iconic figures of family and interests. Whether you want a special mother’s hug motif to use as your child’s nightlight or a bold Bon Appetit for your kitchen, we have the best decorative LED neon signs available now.