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Parents to be love celebrating the impending addition to their family with baby showers, gender reveal parties, and other get-togethers with family and friends. Instead of the same old, tired decorations, consider custom neon light signs instead. They offer brilliant color, fun novelty lighting, and 100% safe accents for both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Choose the Perfect Neon Light Signs Images for Baby

When you are getting ready to throw a baby shower, gender reveal party, or other celebration of an impending birth, you need to find amazing decorations for the special day. While things like balloons, streamers, and flowers always work well, why not spruce things up even more with a neon light sign? You get amazing color, a glorious glow, and a unique message or graphic design that add something eye-catching and memorable to the proceedings.

Two options exist for custom LED signs specifically tailored to baby-focused parties. You can either choose a word or phrase in one of the many custom options available at Echo Neon Studios or select from an extensive catalog of images and designs instead. You can also get both, which is an amazing and affordable decision for the most impressive gathering ever.

Amazing sayings for custom LED party decor include:

  • Hello Baby!
  • Showered With Love
  • 1 + 1 = 3
  • Congratulations
  • Welcome to the World
  • It’s a Boy/Girl!
  • Showers of Joy

For casual and fun gatherings, choose a handwritten or script font that is easy to read and attractive. If you are hosting the event outside, it makes more sense to choose colored PVC tubes when you customize the message. This means they will show up wonderfully against any background even when they are not plugged in or if the sun is especially bright. Please remember that the neon wall art is manufactured for indoor use. It is not waterproof and should not be used in inclement weather.

Perfect baby shower or gender reveal party graphic wall art include:

The sky is the limit when it comes to unique designs perfect to decorate a gathering for new parents. You can find everything from majestic mountain ranges to a playful puppy in our category pages. Consider ordering and LED neon sign that matches the intended decor theme of the nursery. That way, you can use it for room decoration after the party is over, too.

Safe and Impressive Gender Reveal Ideas

Many parents still use traditional gender-specific colors for these events. If they are expecting a girl, they will cut the cake to reveal pink dough or pop a balloon to release pink confetti. Light blue is still a popular option for boys. Of course, every family can make their own rules about what colors mean to them. When ordering custom neon lights, you can choose from either white tubes or colored tubes and a wide array of different bulb options. If you intend to get a surprise gender reveal at the party, it makes sense to go with white tubes that will reveal a unique color when turned on.

Another impressive gender reveal idea is to get a neon light sign with the switchable color remote or dynamic color app. Then, hand over the controls to someone who knows the baby’s gender to switch to the correct color when the time is right. Both of these options make for an amazing party decoration because the colors change and chase each other around the shape of the customized sign until switched remotely.

Custom Neon Lights Go From Decoration to Decor

One of the most enjoyable tasks for people waiting for the happy day when they are new child arrives is decorating the nursery or baby’s bedroom. When you order custom neon lights for a party prior to the birth, you do not have to consider them disposable if you get the right type from the start. The high-quality, amazing efficiency, and long-lasting style of Echo Neon’s LED novelty lighting means that every design will last for years to come. This gives you the perfect opportunity to have ready-made room decor that already has a special place in your heart.

Although some neon light signs may not suit the theme or color scheme you want for your baby’s room, there are many options that will. For example, a “Congratulations” sign would not fit in a nursery after the party is over. Other options like the beautiful mother and infant or happy family art pieces will create a beautiful and heartwarming glow suitable for the room. Other options like adorable animals, playtime images of paper planes and balloons, or nightlight-suitable shapes of clouds and the crescent moon will add a wonderful accent.

Ramp up the excitement of a baby shower or gender reveal party with the addition of neon light signs in baby pink, sky blue, or any color of the rainbow. These safe options for amazing light shows and stunning decorations will help you celebrate the new addition to your family. Echo Neon Studios offers an extensive collection of perfect designs and full customization options for names, words, and phrases that help you share a happy event with every guest.

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