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In this article, we’ll talk about all the similarities and differences between traditional neon signage and our LED neon signs. We want to show you all the advantages of owning an LED neon over a traditional glass neon tube sign. We’ll also cover common questions people have about neon signage, so you can choose a neon sign with ease and confidence.

How much would I normally pay for a neon sign?

The price of LED neon lights and traditional signs really depends on a few factors. The first is the size of the neon sign. The second would be the complexity of the design and how many colours are used in the sign. And lastly, it depends on whether it’s a custom-made sign.

On average, a traditional glass neon tube costs about $200-$300 per linear foot. So, if you wanted a 3-foot by 5-foot sign, that would cost you $900 on the low end. An LED neon of the same size would only cost you about $450. And if you want a custom-made sign, the price will be higher.

How long does an LED neon sign last?

Our signs last for 60000 + hours. That’s about 7 years if you run it 24/7! So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment, an LED sign is the way to go. Our signs are built to last. With proper care and maintenance, our signs can last for years. Plus, if any of the components in your sign ever fail, we offer a warranty on all our products.

Are they worth it?

Yes! Custom signs are worth it for a business or a for personal use. With a custom sign, you can create your own design or incorporate your business name or logos into the light sign.

Why are traditional neon signs expensive?

The glass used in traditional neon signs can be made of rare-earth metals, which makes it more expensive than the plastic used in our LED signs. The process of making a traditional neon is also more difficult and time-consuming than our LED signs. All these factors make traditional neons more expensive than our LED signs.

Are neon signs expensive to run and maintain?

Our signs are much more energy-efficient than traditional neons. They use much less electricity, which makes them cheaper to run and maintain. In addition, our signs are rated for 60,000+ hours of continuous use. So, you won’t have to worry about replacing your sign anytime soon!

Can you make a homemade neon sign?

No, you shouldn’t attempt making a neon light yourself. Instead, head over to your browser and check out our amazing selection of stunning neons ready to deliver to your doorstep!

How to make a neon messages logo for businesses

We have a custom sign maker on our site, so our customers to make their own signs using templates, fonts, colours and images so they can bring their project to life. You can feel free to upload your image or designs and change the colour, fonts and size. You can personalise a neon light to suit any occasion, be it wedding decor or brand logos.

Do neon signs take a lot of electricity?

Neons use less electricity than most people think. They are very energy-efficient and will not add much to your monthly electric bill.

Does cold weather affect neon signs?

Our neons are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. So, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather affecting your sign.

Do LED neon signs get hot?

No, they don’t! LED lights emit very little heat, so you can rest assured that your sign will not get hot.

What is faux neon?

Faux neon is a type of lighting that uses LED lights to create the same look as traditional glass neons. Faux neon is cheaper, safer and more energy-efficient than traditional neon signage.

How do I make custom LED neon signs?

You can search our pages of premade signs or create a sign to suit your mood and style, or promote your business website, app or event. We have an easy sign maker on our site for you to use. Simply upload your own design, images, fonts, and colours to get started.

How do you make a neon background?

Making a neon background is simple. Plus at Echoneon, we have you covered with our selection of signs and shipping options. You can choose a premade sign or customise one to create a neon background that will pop! You can make a background for your live stream videos, photos or text to add some fun and excitement.

How do you make a glowing multicoloured neon sign?

Our LED lights are available in a wide range of colours, so you can create any look you want for your sign. And, if you want to change the colour of your sign, you can do so with our easy-to-use sign maker. Simply upload your design and choose the colours you want for your sign. It’s that easy!

How do you hang a neon sign without drilling?

All out signs come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, so you can easily hang your sign without drilling.

Why did people stop using neon?

There are a few reasons why people stopped using traditional glass neons. Firstly, they are quite expensive to make and run. Secondly, the process of making a traditional neon sign is quite difficult and time-consuming. Lastly, LED signs are more energy-efficient and easier to produce than traditional neons.

Do neon signs break easily?

Our neon signage is made out of PVC, not glass, so it is much more durable than traditional neons. You can be sure that our custom signs will never shatter or break.

Are they a fire hazard?

Our signs don’t heat up, so there is no risk of fire. All our signs are safe and easy to use, and you can have total peace of mind that your sign is not a fire hazard.

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