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Nowadays, good lighting is necessary to brighten every space. Lighting creates an excellent environment and also relaxes our minds. Those days are gone when people had to depend only on fluorescent lights. Many people also use neon signs to add lights and colors to their space. The invention of neon signs was happened back in the 1900s by the French engineer George Claude. He showed the world how a neon sign starts to glow after the electricity flows through its electrodes to the neon glass tube. Since its invention, many clubs and bars have used this lighting for decoration and advertisement purposes.

Now, this lighting is also used in homes and on special occasions. You can also discover the modern LED neon signs for your space. This lighting is better than the traditional pre-made and custom neon sign. You can find LED neon signs for different purposes. Now, customers can also design their own neon signs through customization. If you also want to create neon signs, you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you every single detail for creating a custom LED neon sign for your space using a neon sign maker:

LED Custom Neon Signs

Nowadays, people love to customize various things for themselves. It makes customers happy after they get a personalized product. People love to get customized products rather than pre-made ones. So, you can also create a custom neon light sign as per your preference. All our neon signs are in trend everywhere as they are better than other lightings. You can select your own design, color, font style, and size for a custom sign as per your choice. You will not get this liberty if you buy a pre-made new neon sign for your space. Customers can also mention any text, artwork, logo, or image on a custom LED neon flex sign. Your favorite message or image will glow in colors through a custom neon sign.

This lighting also has a clear acrylic box with pre-drilled holes. It is also better than other glass tubes lightings due to its low energy consumption, neon colors, and easy wall mounting. Text digital mockup, UV printed, and energy-efficient technology is included in the custom LED neon signs. They are perfect for wall mount or hanging in any space. Its eye-catching colors are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere.

Uses Of Custom Neon Signs

Custom neon signs are perfect to use in different places. Many people install this super bright lighting in their houses, business locations, and events. Below, we have mentioned the best uses of custom neon signs, so keep reading:


Custom LED neon signs are best for home decor. You can set up this lighting in your living room, bedroom, man cave, kids room, kitchen, and more. This home decor custom lighting is better than traditional signs made from breakable glass.


Custom neon signs are also best to add a powerful light to bars. This lighting is best for indoor or outdoor areas of bars. This lighting will create a good atmosphere in your bar and provide the best neon experience.


A restaurant also needs good lighting, like a custom LED neon sign. Restaurants can attract customers through this customized lighting. Also, they can display their brand name or logo on a custom neon sign.


A custom neon sign will also look good in a gym. It will create a good ambiance in your gym for training. Also, gym members can see their progress in this lighting. So, you can also use a personalized neon sign in the gym.

Beauty And Hair Salons

Custom LED neon signs are best to use in beauty and hair salons. This lighting is best to use than the typical bulbs and tube lights. The beautician and hairdresser can give treatment to the customers under this lighting.


Nowadays, many people also use customized lighting at their weddings. A custom LED neon sign is perfect to use in a photo booth. It will also look best near the entry of the wedding venue, DJ area, bar, and more.


You can also make birthdays special with personalized neon signs. People can use the custom neon sign to decorate their birthday party. Also, you can give this neon sign to someone as a gift on their birthday.


You can also make your parties memorable with custom neon signs. Your guests will also click pictures near the place where the custom neon sign is present.

Benefits Of Using LED Custom Neon Signs

Custom LED neon signs also provide many benefits to the users. Below, we have mentioned some of the best advantages of this lighting:

  1. You can afford a custom neon sign for your space. People do not need to spend extra money after investing in a LED custom sign. People do not have to bother concerning its upkeep. Also, there is no need to spend money on extra electricity expenses.
  2. Custom LED signs also use less electricity to light up any space. They are energy efficient and do not harm the environment. They require less energy than a toaster at home. So, you can use this eco-friendly lighting in your place.
  3. Custom LED signs are also easy to set up in any place because it has acrylic backing with pre-drilled holes. It is also lightweight, and you can set it up anywhere you want in your space. This lighting is best for easy wall mounting.
  4. You can also use a custom neon sign in your place without any tension as it is safe. It does not have toxic gases and fragile glass-like traditional light signs. Also, they do not cause any noise or heat like other lightings.
  5. You can use a custom LED sign in your space for a long time. This lighting has a longer lifespan than a glass sign. So, you can use this lighting in your place for seven years with upkeep. Make sure to use this lighting without damaging it.
  6. Custom neon signs are also best for advertisement purposes. This lighting has an eye-catching design, and it is best for attracting customers to your shop. So, you can also attract new customers through a custom LED neon sign.

Ideas For Custom Neon Signs

You can design any custom LED neon sign for your place. Below, we have mentioned the best ideas for the custom neon signs as per different places:

Home Decor

You can mention any favorite quote, song lyrics, or artwork on your custom room sign. Customers can add these aesthetic neon quotes on their custom room signs: good night, good morning, sweet dreams, work hard, play hard, don’t worry, be happy, and more.

You can also create a custom neon sign in the shape of an elephant, tiger, moon, flower, plant, angel, and more. Many people also make custom neon signs of their name and use them in their homes.

Business Locations

You can create a custom neon sign of your brand name or logo. Also, you can use your creativity to make custom signs for bars, restaurants, beauty and hair salons, and gyms. You create a custom bar sign in the shape of beer, wine glass, a woman’s back, and more.

Many people also use custom open signs for their restaurants. You can use a custom sign in the shape of a scissor or hairdryer for your beauty and hair salon. Also, you can create a custom sign in the design of a dumbbell for your gym.

Event Decoration

You can create a custom neon sign for a wedding or other party. It is best to create a custom neon sign showing the bride and groom’s names.

You can also mention any romantic quote on your custom wedding sign. You can also create a custom neon sign of someone’s name and gift it on their birthday.

How To Make Neon Signs For Your Places

After you know the uses and benefits of the custom neon signs, it is time to understand how to make your own neon sign. People can create a custom neon sign for their space through an online neon store. There are trusted online neon shops available on the internet that accept orders for custom neon signs globally. You can share your ideas and creativity with them, and they will create a custom sign according to it. They make their custom neon signs with their hands and use the best materials like PVC tubing and LED lights. So, you can create a custom sign through an online neon store rather than an offline shop.

The best thing is that customers can use the neon sign generator of an online neon shop. You can also design your own sign using the neon sign maker. Using this tool, you can enter any text that will display on your custom sign. After that, you can choose any font, color, and size for your custom neon sign. You will also get the choice to pick any style for the acrylic backing of the custom sign. After your custom neon sign is ready, you can place an order for it on the online neon shop. You can use any payment option to pay for your order.

Tips To Choose The Best Custom Neon Sign, Maker

You have to consider some things in your mind before creating your custom sign from an online neon shop. Below, you can check some tips to find the best custom neon, sign maker:

  1. It is best to check the customer reviews of a custom neon sign maker before hiring them. In this manner, you will learn how they behave with their customers. Also, you can save yourself from fraudulent websites after checking the reviews.
  2. You can also check different products of a custom neon sign maker. In this way, you will get an idea of the quality of their products. You will also understand if a custom neon sign maker uses the latest technology or best quality materials or not.
  3. It is also best to check the prices of custom neon signs before buying them. In this way, you can shop for custom neon signs according to your budget. You can also discuss the pricing of custom neon signs with the online neon store.
  4. You have to also check the creativity of a custom neon sign maker before hiring them. Everyone wants unique custom neon signs for their spaces. So, a good custom sign maker provides unique and creative products to their customers.
  5. Do not forget to discuss your ideas with the custom neon sign maker. The maker must make the custom neon sign as per the customers’ instructions. So, purchase a custom neon sign after discussing your ideas.

Price And Delivery Of Custom Neon Signs

You will get many benefits after buying custom neon signs online. Here you will get the best quality custom LED light signs for your homes, business locations, and events at affordable prices. Online neon stores sell different custom signs to their customers globally. They charge fewer prices than offline stores. The cost of a custom neon sign depends on its letters, design, and size. People can afford the LED custom neon signs of online stores as they do not have to spend extra money on its upkeep.

Online neon stores deliver their custom neon signs to customers in different countries. They have customers from countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. You can also order a custom sign anytime and anywhere from an online shop as they are open 24×7 for the customers. They use safe packaging to deliver their custom neon signs to the customers. Also, they provide options for standard and fast delivery of custom neon signs. Online neon stores take around 2-3 weeks to ship the custom LED neon signs to the customers. So, you can order custom neon signs online.


Q1. Is Custom Neon Sign Better Than Traditional Glass Signs?

Ans. LED custom neon signs are better than glass neon signs as they have many benefits. LED custom signs are safer than glass signs as they do not contain toxic gases and fragile materials. Also, they charge less energy than the glass signs.

Q2. Are Custom Neon Signs Compatible With Remote Control?

Ans. You can remote control to control the brightness of a LED custom neon sign. Best quality LED custom signs are compatible with remote control. Also, there are many party modes on the remote control of a LED custom sign.

Q3. What Are Font Options Available For Custom Neon Signs?

Ans. The best thing about a custom neon sign is that you can choose any font for it. You can use these font styles for your custom LED neon signs: script fonts, block fonts, and double-lined fonts. So, create a custom neon sign with a font of your choice.

Q4. What Are The Options Available For Acrylic Backing Of Custom Neon Signs?

Ans. Many options are available for the acrylic backing of custom neon signs. You can choose any acrylic backing style, such as color, transparent, metallic, UV printed, and much more. So, create a custom neon sign with an acrylic backboard of your choice.

Q5. What Will Happen If I Receive Damaged Custom Neon Sign?

Ans. If you receive a damaged custom neon sign from an online shop, you will get a refund or return. But, you have to inform the neon sign maker about the damaged product as soon as possible you open the parcel.

Q6. Is There Warranty With Custom Neon Sign?

Ans. Many online neon sign makers provide a warranty of one year on their best quality custom LED neon signs. So, always check the guarantee of a LED custom neon sign before buying it for your space. 

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