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Top Benefits of LED Light Signs Over Traditional Neon

LED Light Signs of a phrase with pink background

The first glass and gas neon lamp glowed to life in 1910, and cool neon signs have become popular for all types of businesses and personal use since then. Today, new technology and understanding of efficient style has led to the amazing development of aesthetic neon signs using bright LED bulbs and long-lasting PVC tubing. LED light signs now provide the same design options and illumination as the old-fashioned type with a long list of additional benefits.

LED Neon Signs Offer A Brighter, Steadier Glow

Nothing is brighter than LED light bulbs when it comes to ordinary products individuals and small businesses can purchase. Not only do these high-tech options create more glow and illumination, but they also last a lot longer without any flickering or other issues. Traditional neon suffers in these two areas. You cannot see the neon from as far away and, if they begin to wear out or have any slight defect, the light will not glow as steadily in a continuous manner.

An adjacent benefit of LED neon signs is their ability to be hooked up to a dimmer switch, strobe effect, or other programmable electrical connection. Traditional neon can blink on and off, but it cannot glow less brightly or use customized flashing or strobe effects.

Save Tons Of Money On LED Light Signs

Premade or custom LED signs save money on all fronts. First of all, the signs themselves are much less expensive than traditional neon made with glass and inert gases. Your upfront costs are a small fraction of what you would pay otherwise. Secondly, they offer highly efficient usage so your electricity bills do not go up when you install one of these pieces of wall art in your home or shop.

With heavy traditional neon, you may also need to pay for transportation from the manufacturer to your location and an installation team to help out. LED light signs ship safely and you can easily hang them up yourself.

Minimal Risk Of Breakage Or Wearing Out

LED bulbs last much longer than traditional neon illumination in most cases. In fact, the highest quality light emitting diodes have a 10-to-12-year lifespan. This means you will not have to replace your custom sign for over a decade. While traditional neon can last a similar amount of time, the gradual escape of the inert gas inside means it will not glow as brightly for the whole time. The effective lifespan with the same amount illumination level is approximately half that of LED neon signage.

More things go into a risk of breakage than the parts that provide the light, however. Traditional neon is made from glass, which will of course shatter if it falls to the ground or is bumped by something hard. The alternative LED light signs are manufactured from flexible PVC tubing which will not break easily. The sturdiness helps increase the lifespan of the sign considerably.

LEDs Offer Eco-Friendly And Efficient Lighting

Efficient electrical usage, longevity of materials, and minimal risk of breakage make these options more environmentally friendly than traditional neon. Using less electricity overall matters to both homeowners and commercial property managers who want to keep overhead low and efficiency high. LED bulbs used in these attractive signs need approximately 1.5 watts of electricity every hour for every foot of tubing. Traditional neon signs use approximately twenty watts for the same time and length. If you keep your sign glowing during all operational hours, that results in a huge difference in energy usage.

When your LED light signs finally wear out or break, you can recycle the bulbs and the tubing in many places. You cannot say the same for traditional glass and gas neon. In fact, the presence of the inert gases classifies old signage as hazardous waste in some cases. You cannot recycle the glass or simply throw out any other components easily.

Enjoy Amazing Versatility With LED Light Signs

Although a large part of the problem with customized traditional neon involves the cost, you may also find it difficult to find a craftsperson who is willing to make your specific design, word, or phrase. Most businesses who include neon signage in their display and up with one or two simple pieces that provide bright and attractive yet static decor for the commercial space. LED light signs are extremely versatile for multiple reasons.

First of all, their relatively low cost means you can afford more of them. Secondly, expert design teams and manufacturers like Echo Neon stands ready to create the perfect custom neon lights for your specific use. They come in a wider range of colors, too.

LED light signs offer an amazing array of benefits over traditional neon. Whether you want to add a unique icon to your home decorating scheme, need to illuminate the room for a special event or party, or intend to improve your shop, café, or other commercial space, choosing affordable, versatile, efficient, and stunning LED neon signs makes sense.

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